Midwestern Land & Auction Services

We have vast experience conducting both Real and Personal Property Auctions. Our complete service can include the management of the entire auction, if needed. Clerking and guaranteed collections are a standard part of this service.

Our real estate brokers and salespersons take great pride in providing competent personal and timely services. We can take your property from listing to closing in an efficient manner. During the exposure time to the market, we pull out all the stops to secure a qualified buyer, as well as providing assistance to find financing suitable for prospective buyers.

We are state certified appraisers. As such, we are required to appraise in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. Subsequently, you are assured that all of our appraisal assignments will be completed in a competent, impartial, meaningful and credible manner.
We appraise both Real and Personal Property.

This service generally requires a relatively high level of expertise, therefore, it is addressed in Standards 4 & 5 as the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices.

Real Estate Consulting may not involve the establishment of a value opinion, but examples of the consulting may include feasibility studies, highest and best use analyses, sale procedure analyses, and other various economic considerations when buying, selling, or exchanging properties.

Typically, activity relating to the service is highly specialized. We have significant experience in specific areas. If you need this type of service, please contact us. References will be furnished upon request.

If you are in need of education services, let us know. We have been substantially involved in appraisal (and real estate) education for over 20 years, to include continuing education, and qualifying education.
Let us know your needs. We can make it happen.